Disney Fantasy Magical Preview Cruise

We were invited by Disney Cruise Line to preview their newest addition to their fleet, the Disney Fantasy. Check out our extensive trip review of our three day/three night sail:

disney fantasy, disney cruise, disney fantasy reviewsDAY 1
Our itinerary was for three nights on board – with Day 2 being a port of call at Castaway Cay, and then a day at sea to enjoy the ship. Having never cruised before, I found the boarding experience a little overwhelming, and had I followed advice on my own site about how to prepare for a Disney Cruise, I would have had an easier time of finding our cabin and getting us something to eat! First impression of the Disney Fantasy? (read more)

Castaway Cay, Disney Fantasy, View of Castaway Cay, Fantasy, Disney CruiseDAY 2
We all slept really well on board the ship, and upon waking we were delighted to see the clear turquoise waters as we docked at Castaway Cay. Getting ready took no time at all, as the stateroom’s split bathrooms allow one to shower while the other brushes teeth, washes faces, etc. I was pleased my husband was so organized when putting our stuff away, as finding clothes for everyone was easy as we all had our “zone”.  (read more)

Disney Fantasy, Disney Cruise, Cabanas Restaurant

Day 3 of our itinerary was a day at sea – to give everyone a chance to explore and enjoy the Disney Fantasy’s amenities. I was also looking forward to a lazy morning. We slept really well on the ship – the beds are very comfortable and the motion really seemed to keep me knocked out. I had a fancypants brunch to attend at Palo – one of the two adult-exclusive restaurants that require advance reservations (and additional cost), but I joined my husband at Cabanas to help get the kids off for breakfast. I may or may not have had bacon.  (read more)


castaway cay, castaway cay bahamas, way to beach, baby friendly disney, castaway cay with babies, castaway cay with toddlersDisney Fantasy Port Of Call – Castaway Cay
On our Disney Cruise, we only had one port of call, on our second day we stopped at Disney’s private island – Castaway Cay. Now one of the things that most appealed about this stop is that it was a true opportunity for us to beach it guilt free. No local strip to check out or exotic foods to seek out and sample. Just a clean stretch of white sand, turquoise water, and delicious food without any fear of the unknown. While I adore getting off the beaten track and always seek out local markets and delicacies on our travels, it was kinda refreshing not to have to do any of that, just stop, drop, and play… (read more)


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