Travel Tips: Traveling with Medications and Prescription Drugs

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One of my biggest travel tips for traveling with kids is to make sure your carry-on is stocked with a mini-pharmacy of pain and fever reliever, as well as anti-histamine, antibiotic ointment, and a host of other necessities that can see you through your travel day so that you have what you need on hand should an emergency arise.

It’s nice to be able to take the time to settle in so you’re not rushing out to find the nearest pharmacy. But if you or your little one requires meds not typically found where you’re going, traveling with medications and prescription drugs requires extra effort.

No pill organizers while en route

When traveling with medications and prescription drugs leave all pills in their original, labelled containers with the name of either the pharmacy that dispensed the medication or the manufacturer of the medication. If possible, bring a copy of the original prescription, with both the generic and trade names of the drug. If you are traveling with painkillers that could be deemed narcotic, a note from your doctor explaining why you are taking the medication might come in handy if you are questioned for any reason. This may also be needed for most ADHD meds.

If you need syringes for a medical condition, bring enough to last your entire trip, as well as a medical certificate from your doctor explaining that they are for personal medical use. If you’re traveling with an inhaler or an Epipen, chances are they are needed for an issue that could be life or death, so bring extra and carry them separately, as well as a prescription from your doctor.

Packing kids’ and grown up meds

In our carry-on, we have everything our kids might or might not need in case they get sick (depending on our destination). Since both my husband and daughter require an inhaler occasionally, we bring one for each of them. It’s the same prescription for both so we don’t need to bring four. We also pack grown-up pain reliever and anti-histamine, as well as heartburn relief tablets and multivitamins. We also like to travel with shelf-stable probiotics, since they help your gut adjust to different food and water.

There’s no doubt, you’re carrying extra stuff when you’re traveling with babies and small children, but this is stuff that counts, so it’s worth it. Prescription medications and drugs allow us to continue with both our daily lives and and exploring the world when otherwise we might not, and staying healthy while traveling means that ultimately we can do more of it!

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