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Beautiful Barbados

Emily emailed with some questions about visiting Barbados with a baby:


We are traveling in December to Barbados with our baby (who will be 1 years old), and I was wondering if you can help me with the following:

1.  We want to bring bottled water with us, though which brand has the least sodium? We will be giving our child formula.

2.  Also when we arrive at the airport, we plan to take a taxi to the hotel, though require a car seat? Do you know any reputable places where we can rent one, once we arrive.

3.  Do you think it’s necessary to buy a sterilizer for this trip? I’ve heard that Barbados has quite safe water to wash baby bottles etc…

Thank you,|

Brilliant Barbados

I’ve been to Barbados twice pre-baby, and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Also, in terms of traveling with little ones, you can set your mind at ease as it’s so safe and clean. Barbados with a baby will be a fabulous trip!

1.  There’s no need to bring bottled water with you.  In fact, the tap water is so clean in Barbados, we didn’t use bottled water once.  With a younger infant I might do bottled, or boil the tap water but with a 1-year-old, I’d probably just do tap water there.  If you are concerned, however, most bottled waters have minute traces of sodium in it – much much less than the 20mg per litre that you’d need to worry about.  You just need to check the labels and the only kinds of bottled water with more sodium tend to be labeled “Mineral Water” or something like that.

2.  With regard to a car seat, I’ve found 3 websites for baby equipment agencies on Barbados.  They’ll all deliver your gear, but none of them say they’ll meet you at the airport. Truly your best bet is to bring your own. The airline can’t (shouldn’t) charge you to check it and you’ll have it handy should you decide to rent a car while you’re there.

Even that’s not necessary, as the public transportation system on the island is excellent. They have big, new, clean buses on regular schedules. Although fun, I wouldn’t brave the “taxi buses” until your wee one is older. All the taxis on Barbados are new. At the airport, most were mini-vans where you could easily install your seat.

Baby Equipment Rental Agencies in Barbados:

3.  I wouldn’t bother with a sterilizer. I believe at that age I’d stopped sterilizing my daughter’s things and you’re right, the tap water in Barbados is perfectly fine.

Have an amazing time with your family in Barbados, Emily!!  I can’t wait to go back.  In fact, our goal is to one day move there!  To check out what other parents had to say about traveling to Barbados with their babies and toddlers, check out our Barbados Trip Reports.

Happy Travels!

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