Destination: New York

new york city with kids, new york with kids

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New York is a large and diverse state. Of course the main draw is probably New York City, but there is definitely more to New York than just Manhattan. If you’re thinking about visiting New York with kids, take a look at some first-hand experiences from families who’ve explored with their families, and we’d love to hear your stories when you get back!

new york city, new york with kidsHave Toddler Will Travel: Exploring New York City with a Toddler

When faced with the decision of whether to stay at home with my nearly 2 year old while my husband was traveling to New York City on business for a week – it was a no-brainer. I literally started packing before my husband finished the sentence about the trip! READ MORE

new york city with kids, new york with kidsPlanning a Family Getaway to New York

It’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and the second largest city in North America, so it seems a bit odd to classify New York City as a “City Less Traveled” for Hipmunk. But I’ll bet New York is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning a family vacation… READ MORE


statue of liberty, new york city with kids, new york with kidsA Parent’s Guide to New York City with Kids

New York City is not just for grown ups. Family members of all ages will have a blast exploring the city that never sleeps — especially if they have toddlers in their midst that also fit that description! There’s lots of fun and excitement for adventurous families looking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the self-proclaimed “greatest city in the world.” READ MORE

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