Resorts With Baby Clubs In The Caribbean And Mexico

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Vacation Nannies In Jamaica…

As a first-time mom, I was very uncomfortable with the thought of leaving my daughter in the care of someone other than a family member whether we were away. But once my son came along, I understood the need – BIG TIME. Now I’m finding my readers are like two versions of me – the first-time parents and family travelers, who don’t need a resort with a lot of bells and whistles (yet), and those who have two and maybe even three little ones, and they NEED. A. BABY. CLUB.

Most resorts offer some form of private babysitting, or can refer you to a local agency who can help out. But the convenience of having a baby club on site  – a place to drop off the little ones, even to get them into some air-conditioning for a little bit – can mean a real vacation for you and your partner too.

This list is a work in progress, but I’ve compiled all the resorts with baby clubs in the Caribbean and Mexico and listed them by country…

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Varadero Beach, Cuba

Resorts with Baby Clubs in Cuba
While Cuba still sometimes struggles with the perception of less-then-appetizing food or somewhat haphazard amenities, Cuba is awesome for families. It is safe and clean, and while the number of resorts that can accommodate large families is somewhat astounding (ie – very very few) it actually has quite a lot of resorts with baby clubs. CLICK HERE

Resorts with Baby Clubs in the Dominican Republic
Punta Cana seems to be the place to be, as all the resorts with baby clubs in the Dominican Republic seem to be located here. While the mega-resorts can seem huge and a little overwhelming, knowing there’s a well-regarded baby club that will happily take your baby or toddler for a little while might give you a chance to explore some of it. CLICK HERE

Resorts with Baby Clubs in Jamaica
Jamaica kids of takes the cake when it comes to availability of baby clubs – with the creme de la creme of two Beaches Resorts plus the wonderfullness that is Franklyn D. Resort and their famed vacation nannies. Jamaica may be pricier than some other Caribbean destinations, but if you factor in the things like potable tap water, good medical care, and great food, and maybe padding the budget a little bit is worth it. CLICK HERE

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Club Med Ixtapa Pacific

Resorts with Baby Clubs in Mexico
Mexico and its warm and wonderful family-friendly culture has many destinations with their own appeal, plus so many different accommodation options that are suitable for families. They have some amazing resorts, and some of those resorts offer included baby care (or in the instance of Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, available at an extra cost). Given Mexico’s size, there are actually not that many resorts with baby clubs, and with the exception of Club Med the minimum age to participate starts at one year. CLICK HERE

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    I have never stayed at the Franklyn D in Jamaica but I have to tell you that I have only heard rave reviews from every person who has.

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    Good Night. My name is Sabrina Brathwaite and I am a certified and experienced babysitter and Housekeeper. My Husband is a qualified and experienced Personal Chef and we both are offering our services. If you can help us find clients I will be more than happy. Should you be interested in this, my contacts are 1-246-251-1639 or 1-246-422-4890. I thank you in advance

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    I forgot to say I am from Barbados, on the West Coast. Thanks

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