Breakfast Television Appearance!

First off, please let me say that I am well and truly stunned and overwhelmed by the incredible response my segment this morning on Breakfast Television has received. I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind words… getting up at 5am was totally worth it!

You can get a little more info on all the gear in my Baby Travel Gear Guides 1-4 – unfortunately we ran out of time so there were a couple of items that we didn’t get to mention:  The CARES Safety Harness, The Bed Bugz Travel Bed Rail, and the Snack Ball (though Jennifer and Frank were playing with it at the very beginning of the show).  Currently I’ve linked the items to either their official site OR their official Canadian distributor.  Over the next couple of days I hope to have a full Canadian buyer’s guide for all the items up here on the blog.  They’re all available in Canada – I made sure of that!

But hopefully you can WIN them!  Please send either a trip report, your best travel tip, or your dream family destination to [email protected] – you’ve got lots of time as I’m not doing the draw until Mother’s Day!

Thanks again – and a very special thanks to Breakfast Television too.

Happy travels!


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