Travel Stories: Travel With Baby and See The World Near and Far…

Though I have traveled fairly frequently throughout most of my life, there have always been two things that have held me back, time and money. And usually if I have the time, I don’t have the money, and if I have the money, we don’t have the time. So, since we are not independently wealthy, we’ve made the most of our location and time, and I fill the gaps by learning about others who are also seeing the world with their little ones in tow.

Recently I posted an article on the Huffington Post about why you should travel when your kids are little, and was delighted when so many in the family travel community offered to share their photographs for my piece. Through them, I was able to learn a little more about my colleagues, and also dream of faraway places I hope to sometime visit with my kids in tow…

Travel with a Baby, Near and Far…

Rachel at Discover Share Inspire offered up this delightful photograph of her baby daughter Aaliyah on a beach in Costa Rica:

DiscoverShareInspire - Napping Playa Ventanas Costa Rica, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

Costa Rica is one of those places we have always wanted to visit. We’re waiting until Bub is old enough to zipline through the jungle before we start making those plans.

Megan at Mini Globetrotters supplied this cute pic of her son happily being carted along for the ride on a trolley in San Francisco.

Mini Globetrotters SF Trolley, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

I have never even been to California – never mind San Francisco – but I think now that we have a road trip under our belt that the time has come to consider one along the Pacific Coast Highway… hmmmm…

Jessica at Suitcases & Sippy Cups shared this shot of her very happy son on the London Tube. Typically those riding the tube do not have smiles on their faces (especially during rush hour!) but as parents we know the power of public transit to make toddlers happy!

Suitcases and Sippy Cups London Tube, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

Being a total Anglophile, and having extended family across the UK, we are DEFINITELY going to Great Britain as soon as budget and schedule allow.

Erin at Travel With Bender is just a few months into her family’s journey, and she shared some great shots of their stay in Bali.

Travel With Bender Bali, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

Bali from Toronto seem so far away, but it’s my husband’s dream to visit the South Pacific, so we’ll get there one day.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting the lovely Keryn at Walking On Travels at a Travel Blogger Conference in Vancouver last year, and I adore the shots of her son in China so much, I had such a hard time deciding on the one I wanted to use. That’s why I’m showing a different one here…

Walking On Travels China, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

It’s funny, China is one of those places I never really had the desire to visit, until I read some of Keryn’s stories and thought it would be such a marvelous adventure.

And lastly, but most certainly not least, this photograph from Chris and Jill Palmer of Going Anyway – taken during their stay in Northern Thailand – simply took my breath away.

Going Anyway Northern Thailand, travel with baby

Photo courtesy

Hey, I read The Beach, so I thought Thailand was all about beaches, but my husband explored the jungle near the Thai/Burma border for work when we were first dating, and told me it was incredible. Thailand is one of those places that I feel I MUST. VISIT. But I never thought it could look as beautiful as this. The accompanying post that goes with this photograph is also most beautiful.

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  1. Katie at #

    These are great photos. I agree, take them while they’re young. Everyone tells me there’s a phase coming where kids won’t want to travel anymore (missing school, friends) and I am dreading that.

  2. LOVE these photos!! they are inspiring!

  3. Love these pictures – pinning now!

  4. Ha! I totally forgot about that shot of Dek in China! And I LOVE the picture of Rachel’s son napping on the beach. So cute! We have a similar moment in HAwaii when Dek was 5 months old. Sadly his baby brother is not as great of a sleeping in any situation.

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