Take Your Family To Thailand!

ThailandRanked among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Thailand is a breathtaking paradise not to be missed. Blessed with a diverse variety, this ancient mystical land has it all- palm-studded white sand beaches, forested mountains cloaked in dawn mists, well-preserved ruins of historic civilizations, not to mention the excitement of Bangkok’s modern metropolis.

Whatever the age – infants to juniors, teens to adults, parents to seniors – the spectacular Kingdom will leave the whole family with a suitcase bulging full of happy memories and a bounty of thrilling adventures! Perfect sunny days and clear moonlit evenings can be as action packed or laid-back as you desire: in Thailand it’s easy to create a family tour to please all tastes and lifestyles. While Thailand’s pleasant year-round climate, arresting scenery and remarkable architecture are deservedly famous, its welcoming people and rich culture are equally fascinating.

ThailandYour family will gain an invaluable and educational insight into the breadth of Asian life as it arouses the senses with a fabulous wealth of traditional customs, cuisine, music, dance and art. Far from an inconvenience, by journeying as a family you will experience sights and sensations that most seasoned travellers only dream about touching. More active family members will soon be exhausted by the limitless and awesome selection of leisure and adventure pursuits.

Cheering ringside at the physical thrills of the classic martial art of Muai Thai will leave you breathless. Tee-off on a lush tropical fairway at the numerous internationally designed golf courses, or be soothingly pampered within the ambient setting of a sumptuous spa. Submerge to the deep as you snorkel over colourful coral reefs swarming with vibrant sea life, while toddlers hand out a feast of fruit to docile lumbering elephants.

ThailandThe family unit is the backbone of Thai society. Adults cherish and adore children, who in turn show respect and devotion to their nurturing seniors, harbouring a true community spirit. This deep love of family starts with the pure and unfaltering reverence bestowed upon Their Majesties The King and Queen as well as all the members of the royal household. In fact, the King and Queen’s birthdays have been affectionately adopted nationally as Father and Mother’s Day.

A courteous and jovial folk, the local Thais will immediately make your family feel relaxed, comfortable, and you will quickly be treated as extended family. With such a caring and considerate attitude, your family will feel at absolute ease with never any threat to safety. Younger family members will be constantly doted on, with seats on buses and trains offered to them kindly and unquestionably. With such companionship and neighbourliness, seeking a babysitter is never going to be a hassle. Actually, you and your children will depart home from your wonderful vacation with an address book brimming with new friends and potential lifelong bonds.

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