Trip Report Update: New Format For Hotel Reviews

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When I first started Have Baby Will Travel, I had no idea what I was doing. For some reason I thought it would be easy to create the type of website I was looking for but couldn’t find – kind of like a Trip Advisor but just for travel with babies, toddlers, and small children. My focus was on trip reports, as I feel (carefully vetted) first-hand information from other parents is the most reliable and valuable. I figured if I built it, they would come – ie: other families would automatically start sending me their trip reports, hotel reviews, and tales of their travels, and here we’d have a fab-o database of information that all traveling families would find useful.

But the Internet is a big place, and little-ole-me had a crash course in SEO and SEM and almost 4 years later I finally think I’ve got the hang of things.

Starting with Cuba, I’m re-organizing the trip report section of Have Baby Will Travel. Rather than a big huge page that you have to scroll up and down that features all the trip reports for that destination, they’ve been broken down by hotel. And you can add comments – so if you’ve got a question or comment to add, you can do so. Pretty modern, huh?

So the Cuba Trip Reports section is now updated, and I have quite a few new reports to add to it as well (thanks!) Trip Advisor it ain’t, but it is a good overview about a number of hotels in all the major destinations within Cuba, like Varadero, Cayo Coco, and Holguin. Also, I do vet any reviews I get, so there’s no worry of phony reviews that are either too complimentary or too critical.

Been somewhere with your little ones? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about your travels at info[at]havebabywilltravel[dot]com and let other parents know how your holiday went.

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