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It’s always a little sad when a vacation comes to an end, and our trip to Walt Disney World courtesy Walt Disney Parks & Resorts (Canada) and Playhouse Disney Channel  was actually extended by a day and a half because I got sick and couldn’t fly. Maybe fate was telling me I was supposed to spend more time at Walt Disney World?

Suffice to say, it’s no picnic getting sick when you’re away from home, but what’s kind of funny is that it happened in probably the cleanest place I’ve ever vacationed.  If we had been in Mexico or Cuba, people would have been surprised if we hadn’t been sick. (And for the record, I’ve never been sick in either Mexico or Cuba. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself 😉

On our previous visits to Walt Disney World, we only visited Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so I was delighted to experience Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

film crew, animal kingdom, walt disney world

The Awesome Crew At The Tree Of Life...

Our safari at Animal Kingdom was on one of our chillier mornings, but seeing the incredible animals quickly warmed us up. While a dream of mine is to one day take the kids on safari in Africa, being able to see these amazing creatures up close is a good substitute in the meantime. Loved the *little* baby giraffe – he seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with us from behind the tree.

The Lion King Show was pretty spectacular. The animatronic characters look JUST LIKE the characters from the movie, and the kids were entranced. My favourite performance (and Megan’s) was the peacock ballet dancers. Seriously. The Lion King Show is a must do. That afternoon Bub slept through his third parade – Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle. Poor little guy – he loves parades but on this trip he loved his naps more!

Darth Vader, Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

He Refused To Pose In A Neck Lift. My Husband Was Disappointed.

At Hollywood Studios, we all loved Disney Jr. – Live On Stage! The Playhouse Disney Channel has not yet re-branded to Disney Jr., but I’m glad to see the kids’ favourite shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins will still be on come May. Bub adores Mickey Mouse, he calls him Yickey.

The Lights! Motors! Action! Show at Hollywood Studios was really exciting and very well done. The noises and smells were a little startling at times for the little ones, but everyone was wowed by the fast action and believable explosions.

Cinderella's Castle, Lit At Night, Walt Disney World

Staying For The Fireworks On Our Last Night. Worth It.

In spite of being a little sad that our vacation is over, the memories left behind will be cherished forever.

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