Passports With Purpose… A Great Cause!

One of the great things about travel with little kids is that it opens their eyes to worlds and cultures very different from the one they live in. Right now my children don’t understand how privileged they are to have what they have, and to travel as much as they do, but they will soon.  When that day comes, I hope to explore more opportunities for volunteering while we’re away, and also to get them involved in initiatives that will make life better for kids everywhere.

Passports With Purpose is a charitable venture that is going strong in its 3rd year. Organized and promoted by the travel writing and blogging community, last year almost $30,000 was raised to build a school in Cambodia. This year their goal is $50,000 to build a village in rural India with Friends of Lafti.

Sponsors and bloggers have donated some great prizes, and you donate by bidding on them – as many and as often as you like. From clothes and electronics to vacations, there’s tons to choose from! At less than a week into their 2010 fundraiser, Passports With Purpose is over half-way to their goal!

I’m still hoping a few sponsors I’ve approached will come through with donations, but in the meantime, please check out the fantastic work Passports With Purpose has already done.

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