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Baby Travel Gear For Eating, Sleeping and Getting Around…
A mule to carry it all would be nice too!

It’s never occurred to me to not bring my daughter along when we’ve gone away.   Now that she’s here (and another’s on the way) we’ve had to alter our ‘dream’ destination list for a while, spend a little more thought and money on suitable accommodations (suitable for her and comfortable for us), and learn the ins and outs of flight booking to find the best flights times for the best prices.  The work’s been worth it, though.  Our journeys as a family aren’t particularly adventurous YET, but with every trip my daughter becomes a better and more seasoned traveler, and I hope the same will be true once our family expands to four.

Every trip has taken A LOT more planning than my previous baby-free jaunts.  After all, this little human being relies on us 24-7, and none of us will enjoy ourselves if some basics aren’t looked after.  We’ve already looked at some nice-to-have gear for eating and sleeping while you’re traveling – but what about playing?

A great thing about travel with babies and toddlers is that the new places, faces, and food are usually enough to them interested and occupied and you don’t have to think about amusing them constantly or providing them with toys to keep them busy.  However, being cooped up in a plane, train or an automobile DOES require distractions that will last for longer than 10 seconds, and once you are out and about, there may not always be somewhere safe and/or clean to sit down and play…

The Mommy Mat by agent mommy:


The Mommy Mat is a two-sided large play mat measuring 50″x50″.  It comes in either bold prints of cotton blend or hemp/cotton on one side and polyester knit sandwiched with a waterproof, non PVC coating on the other. The Mommy Mat is machine washable and dryer safe.  For greater versatility, it rolls up easily and can be  placed into the rain or shine tube for travel. It has hooks for attaching to stroller buddy clips and a shoulder strap for when no stroller is needed. The mat with its travel case is ideal for trips to the park, the beach, a play-date or dinner party.

The Mommy Mat will find many uses in the home and anywhere mommies want the baby or toddler to have a safe play space.


The Snack & Play Travel Tray by Star Kids:


How many times have you contorted yourself in an airplane seat to retrieve an errant crayon, or seriously compromised your safety by reaching for a dropped sippy while driving? The Snack & Play Travel Tray helps eliminate all that by providing a flat, safe area for children to eat and play.

Snack & Play Travel Tray is ideal for short and long trips. It smunches up small and weighs less than 1lb – works for strollers too!


Aqua Doodle Travel ‘N Doodle by Spinmaster:


When it is time to hit the road, you can keep your little one occupied on the go with Travel ‘N Doodle. It is the same Aquadoodle fun in an easy-to-carry, compact format. Travel Doodle features 2 doodle surfaces and a doodle pen for mess free fun. Watch the designs disappear in minutes for a clean doodle surface.

Aquadoodle’s Travel Doodle folds up to the size of a book and the pens are filled with plain water, so there’s no mess to worry about when your tot decides the walls of the plane need some decoration!

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