Top Headphones for Travel with Toddlers

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Super Cute, And Useful Too!

Headphones For Toddlers? Yes!

When I first became a parent, I was certain I was going to limit her screen time to an hour a week of highly educational programming that would stimulate and instruct. Then I remembered that I’m a television producer with a great love of garbage reality television and truthfully the TV is on A LOT in our house.

But even though my kids are no stranger to the TV, when we fly they are immediately attracted to the seat-back entertainment. In the olden days we lugged along our portable DVD player and new DVDs as well as a few old favourites. Nowadays, smartphones and tech like tablet computers definitely makes our lives easier (and lighter) in terms of keeping our kids’ attention. And this bodes well for those of you who actually do rigorously limit your kids’s screen time, as you’ll likely have a captive audience (pun intended) to whichever show or movie you decide to let baby view.

When my kids were really little, they were happy enough to just watch the screen. But the time soon comes where they want to listen to it as well. And not everyone, including yourself, wants to listen to Dora. Or Sponge Bob. Or Mickey. (Actually, I don’t mind Mickey, but I’m not certain my fellow passengers want to listen to the Hot Dawg song for the trillionth time). So you need headphones for toddlers.

We have two pairs of these adorable headphones from Califone: Panda ones and Tiger ones. They fit little heads and have a separate volume adjustment on the cord, so you can be certain the noise levels aren’t too much for little ears. And they can adjust to fit grown-up heads to watch a real movie if your kids fall asleep on the plane. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

You can order these adorable (and inexpensive!) headphones via

Or you can search for the Califone dealer nearest you on their website.


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6 Responses to Top Headphones for Travel with Toddlers

  1. walkingontravels at 16:16 #

    When did your kids start wearing headphones. So far my son also just watches the screen for the most part or I turn the volume up so he can hear a little (sorry all fellow plane travelers!), but I am anxiously awaiting the day that I can put a pair of headphones on him and he will keep them on and stop trying to speak into them (he’s part of the iphone generation where mommy talks into her headphones when she is on the phone.)Thanks!

    • Corinne at 16:54 #

      I think it was around 2? A trick to get them started is to wear them yourself. Chances are they’ll want to take them off your head and put them on their own!

  2. Allison at 20:35 #

    Thank you for admitting unashamedly to the amount of TV your kids watch. I’m also a TV producer and my 3 yr old daughter is an Apple TV addict. I have no problems with it. She has a very balanced little life and is an extremey happy child.

  3. Kate at 01:23 #

    Do you think 18 months old Bub is too young to wear headphones? I will be travelling with my daughter for almost 30 hours, changing few planes and worry she loves loud music games… Any particular headphones you would advice for this age?

    • Corinne at 14:26 #

      I was a little concerned about damaging his hearing, which is why I made sure the headphones I bought him are volume-limiting so they can’t accidentally go too loud and hurt his hears. Hope this helps!

  4. Tiny at 12:02 #

    Went to NASCAR the other day and several of the infants and toddlers had on headphones. I’m buying them for my 4 month old grandson. We needed them at his mother’s college graduation

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