Have Baby Will Travel Joins Best Family Travel Advice!

Way back when, when I was researching online for our first family vacation with our daughter, I surprised at the lack of online resources available to parents hoping to travel with their children. The information I needed at the time was specifically about traveling with baby, but I was truly surprised at the lack of quality family travel information on the Internet.

Fast forward 4 years and a lot has changed online. Not only did I launch Have Baby Will Travel, but a lot of other mothers and travel writers and mothers who are travel writers put their advice and work out there with the specific goal of motivating and inspiring other parents to travel with their kids.

Introducing Best Family Travel Advice. Now there’s a place online where you can submit a family travel-related question, and have it answered by one (or all!) of 13 family travel experts – and I am flattered and honoured to be one of them!

As always, you can contact me directly with any questions you may have, but if you’d like a different perspective or it’s something I can’t help you with, send it to Best Family Travel Advice!

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