Oaxaca Trip Reports: Playa La Boquilla: Bahia De La Luna & Huatulco: Camino Real Zaashila

Camino Real Zaashila, Huatulco, Mexico

Camino Real Zaashila, Huatulco

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July 2007
Lisa & Family (baby 12mos.)

BAHIA DE LA LUNA, PLAYA LA BOQUILLA: We had booked a 2 week stay at Bahia de la Luna at the end of July, but left after a few days. Playa La Boquilla is by far the most beautiful and cleanest beach in the area; we checked out Pt. Escondido and Pt. Angel, as well as a few other local beaches in Huatulco and confirmed this. Unfortunately, it was still too rough for our 1 year old to swim in or even play on the beach. Typical of most beaches on the Pacific, the beach had a drop off and the surf, which was often rough, would crash right at the base of the beach. Our daughter loves to swim, and it was torture for her to see water and not be able to go in. Although there is a nice breeze, it was still pretty warm out and the only way to cool our daughter was to take her in the shower in our room.

The management and staff at de la Luna were very friendly. Paula, the manager’s wife, cooked a great meal every evening and Pablo, the manager, made a mean margarita. But, you are limited on getting food or drink to when someone is around or food is available. Our daughter, being only 1, needs to eat all the time. I remember asking for a snack around 3pm and they said they only had fruit salad (since my daughter’s tummy wasn’t that great as it was, fruit was out of the question). One morning we woke up at 7am, but no one was around until 9am for coffee or breakfast. VERY difficult when traveling with a toddler.

We also had the feeling of being stuck at the hotel. The road down to the hotel is a dirt road and very rough and takes about 20 minutes off the main road to get there. So, it’s about 30 minutes from Puerto Angel or Pochutla (the nearest towns). We enjoy checking out the local areas when we travel, so this felt limiting to us.

All in all, we would stay at Bahia de la Luna again, but only for a few days as a break from other traveling. It is VERY rustic, but that is its charm. I found it difficult being there with a toddler, but would go back when our daughter is a few years older and can enjoy the beach. The staff is excellent and it does have a very relaxing feel.

CAMINO REAL ZAASHILA, HUATULCO: We originally booked a 2 week stay at Bahia de la Luna (only 12 rooms) near Puerto Angel; however, as noted above, it was too rustic for our 1 year old daughter and the surf too rough for her to swim. We intended to divide our stay at the CRZ and Quinta Real, but canceled Quinta and stayed the entire trip at CRZ. We had a great time. The pools were perfect. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. It is pricey at the restaurants (equivalent to California prices), but it’s very easy to catch a cab into Crucecita (cost from the hotel is $40 pesos, but you can walk down the hill to a cab stand and get there for $25 pesos). The cab drivers from the hotel were also able to suggest local restaurants. Highly recommend El Grillo Marinaro just 2 blocks off the main square in Crucecita. Also recommend La Boheme, a french restaurant a few streets off the main square. The food was excellent (the chef/owner was the chef at Quinta Real). We had a great time at CRZ and will stay there again.

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