Cabos San Lucas Trip Reports: Pueblo Bonito Rose

Pueblo Bonito Rose, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Pueblo Bonito Rose, Cabo San Lucas

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November 2004
Shannon & Family (baby 6mos.)

It was our first trip with our new baby, who was 6 months old at the time…

Wow, we had such a great time there! While we found Cabo too expensive to go back to, the people at PB were fantastic. I find places like Mexico and Italy to be much more child-tolerant in general than the US and the PB staff just doted on our son. Many of the young women who worked there wanted to hold him and play with him and he flirted with them shamelessly.

We had a junior suite and we requested a crib. While the crib was a little too rickety for me to feel comfortable with him sleeping in it, he often sat in it, bolstered up by pillows, and played with his toys. The maid would always set his toys up in little scenes and designs when she cleaned. I wish I had taken a picture of that! We brought our big Graco stroller, where the seat lays flat, so he slept in that instead of the crib, which was fine. We also used it as a high chair. Don’t be afraid to bring your full-size stroller! People never failed to be helpful through security, etc.

The pool was quite warm, even for the baby and he enjoyed lounging on the poolside chairs.

We went to the local big box store (I think it’s Sams Club) and bought a big tray of shredded beef, a bunch of tortillas, eggs, cheese, watermelon, and bags of avocados, kiwis, and limes. We had delicious Mexican roll-ups every morning. That saved a lot of money.

The little grocery store on the grounds is great for last-minute things, but a bit expensive, especially if you feel you must have imported American foods. But the deli there is fabulous and so are the pastries. We had coffee and pastries most days.

We only had one bad experience there and that was at a restaurant recommended by the PB staff. They were quite rude to us and I think they weren’t happy to have a baby in the restaurant. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but we let the PB staff know at the time how we were treated. Other restaurants we ate at were fine.

I was a little worried about traveling with a baby, but it turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing week, which we both really needed after 6 months of adjusting to being parents! I highly recommend it!

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