Puerto Aventuras Trip Reports: Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa

Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Grand Palladium Colonial Resort, Riviera Maya

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February 2007
Splish & family (baby 12mos.)

My family and I just spent a week at the Palladium. I traveled there with a kid of 12 months, my husband and my parents (babysitters) I do believe this is a good resort to visit with a baby. There were lots of families there with young kids and babies. I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!

ROOM: The hotel provided a crib. A regular one, nothing fancy but it was solid. Because they can’t bring the crib upstairs they give us a room on the 1st floor. Usually we prefer to be at a higher level to avoid insects in the room, but don’t worry, the door has a sealer at the bottom and the balcony is closed. Also all balconies have a view of the jungle, so even if you are on the second floor the view would be almost the same. Balcony floor was marble and clean, our kid played there without any problems. Our room was a regular one, there was not bathtub but a very large shower with a hand shower, so it was easy to clean our son. Anyways he spent the rest of the day playing in the pools, so he does not really need to play into the bathtub.

HOTEL: The hotel is huge and there is a lot of walking to do. With the stroller we were fine, but if you have very young kids they may get tired of all this walking. Our location “Colonial” is the most central one. There are nice walking trails. Most of the paths are fine if you have a stroller, just 1 area has stairs, once you know where you can always find another path that does not have stairs. You just have to remember to bring everything before you leave the room because you may have couple minutes of walking to get back. There is a train that goes around the hotel, it passes every 15 minutes. It can be long to wait. But the size of the hotel can be fun because you can actually take walks around with the stroller and enjoy a new part of the hotel every time.

Kids Mini Club: Kids club is available for kids more then 4 years old. But you can go on the site with a younger one as long as you stay there with him. So we went there and they had big kids houses and others games outside, really beautiful!

BEACH AND POOLS: The beach was beautiful at the left end of the hotel. You can go into the water and there are no rocks. Near the center of the hotel there was a strip of rocks large about 1 ft to pass before being into the sand. On the right side of the hotel it’s more to do snorkel because there are rocks and fish. On the left side of the hotel where the beach is really beautiful there was lot of palm trees, so not problem to get shade for our baby. Also chairs were always available. They had 2 kids pools and 1 area of the main pool that has a built in slope (like the ocean) so kids can play there.

FOOD: We followed the advice of our doctor regarding what kind of food are safest for a baby, and ours did not get sick at all. We also didn’t get sick. There was enough selection of food to always be able to feed our baby and ourselves. We were always able to get a highchair at in the buffets – just some of them don’t have a tray. We did not bring our son to the a la carte restaurant, but they also had highchairs there.

It’s more complicated to go in vacation with a baby but this hotel did not complicate anything and lots of people were there with their baby and enjoyed their week. Definitely I would recommend this hotel for a family with baby – just don’t forget your stroller!

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