Cancun Trip Reports: RIU Palace Las Americas

RIU Palace Las Americas, Cancun, Mexico
RIU Palace Las Americas, Cancun

RIU Palace Las Americas Official Site

April 2006
J. Yang & family (baby 15mos)

This was our 4th time Cancun in 5 years. We usually stay at Le Meridian or JW Marriott but JW is closed and Le Meridian didn’t have availability. Riu was available and great.

The property is nice and well maintained. They have lots of open sitting areas which are very nice for people to just hang out. The food isn’t bad (the buffet is better than an average Vegas buffet) and the specialty restaurants are just ok but trust me, you won’t go hungry and you won’t feel like there’s nothing to eat.

The beach is small and the pool areas are crowded for a property this size. However, there are lots of nice chairs away from the pool.

I loved the mini-bar (and they fill with whatever you want within reason- we only drink diet soda and they filled it with that instead of regular and we had a baby so they always put a fresh container of milk every morning). The staff is attentive and the rooms are nice. There is a cross section of people but less singles. Mostly couples, groups and families.

I still think there are nicer properties in Cancun but I would go back to Riu in a heartbeat. The value is good, the people are great and you will have a great time. Not sure if you’re like us, but we don’t leave the property. We have done all the tours in the past, we’re not into partying so we place a very high premium on the property itself. That being said, we had a great time.

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