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Sirenis La Salina, Cuba, Varadero, Pool

Sirenis La Salina, Cuba

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January 2008
Joanne & Family (baby 2yrs)

My husband, 2-year-old and pregnant me stayed at Sirenas from December 28 – January 4th, 2008.. This was our first time to Cuba, but not our first time at an all-inclusive. Overall, we had a great time.
There are things that the hotel needs to work on, but knowing ahead of time that this was a new property, we expected that.
Our check in was painless and our room was ready and waiting for us. We did not have a crib in our room as requested for our daughter, and my husband had to take it upon himself to find one on our second day there, but we did it, we got one and we were happy.
The food is not fantastic, but we did not starve by any means. We didn’t go to Cuba for the food, we went for the sun and the beach. Their fresh baked bread at every meal was DELICIOUS! The pasta bar, carving station and omelet bars were great. There were big line ups at all of them, but again, being peak season, we expected this.
The room was big, bright and clean. The shower is fantastic!
The quiet pool (where we spent most of our time) was a perfect spot for us to relax and play in the shallow end with our daughter.
We found the staff to be very friendly, not one of them passed us without a smile or an “hola”. We tipped for good service as we would anywhere, but never felt as though it was expected. We also found that being nice went a long way. I was sickened to see how rude some people were to the staff, treating them like servants or as if they were invisible. Kindness sure pays off.
There was some walking, but again, from reading the reviews, we expected it. Nothing crazy though. We were in block 40 (right in the middle of the resort) and we had a 5 minute walk to the buffet and a 5 minute walk to the beach (keep in mind, that’s 5 minutes with a toddler, who likes to collect rocks, so maybe only 3 minutes in grown up time).
We found that there were not enough staff in the right places. The front desk definitely needs more staff, and of those staff, they need more who can speak English fluently. The Public Relations desk needs more staff, although the few that they had were knowledgeable.
We had bad weather the last two days and got a lot of use out of the kids club. The staff there were excellent and our daughter loved it. If you’ve got little ones, I’d recommend paying them a visit.
Overall, the hotel still has some kinks to work through. They need to get used to the volume of guests they are now bringing in, but the facility is great. Enjoy your time there.

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