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Blau Varadero, Cuba, Beach

Blau Varadero, Cuba

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October 2007
Chris & Family (baby 17 mos)

We stayed at Blau Varadero in late October.
A group of us that consisted of 9 people including three children 5 1/2,4 and 17 months. We had a fabulous time. From start to finish.
We got off the bus and walked in, we were greeted at the door, the front desk staff were very friendly. The day we arrived was my husband’s birthday. Everyone at the front desk said happy birthday to him. Our luggage was taken to our rooms. The rooms were really nice. It was bright and clean. We had a nice large bathroom. Each of us had different rooms. We had a king size bed. The others had 2 rooms with 2 beds and 1 rollaway in each. There’s a fridge that contains water,cola, and beer and is refilled daily. We didn’t have a playpen like most resorts give you when you stay with a infant,but we had an actual crib. And it was safe to use too.
The next morning we could see the beautiful view that we had which was the pool,the lush greenery,palm trees and the amazing ocean. The food- wow we can honestly say it was really good. My husband and our kids have been to Varadero before,so we know what the food can be like. No complaints from us. There was a lot of choices such as, pancakes, french toast, eggs how you like it, the omelets were sooooooooo good,I smoothies, little sweet breads, and others at breakfast. Lunchtime,the choices are hamburgers,salads, a whole fish ( where a few people in our group said it was very good) pizza, different rice dishes, fruit and ice cream that you scoop into a cone. Dinner, the choices are chicken each night in a different style which all of them were very tasty, different rice dishes, make your own pizzas, make your own pasta. The desserts were really good not too sweet. A large assortment and different flavours of Ice Cream and many other dishes to enjoy.
We didn’t do any excursions since we did that last time we were here in Varadero. We stayed around the resort. The kids went a couple of times to the Blaudi Club. Which is the kids club. They painted pictures, they got their faces painted, played bingo and played in the playground. We took the red double decker bus into town to the market. The ride cost 5 pesos return. That was fun! One thing, if you sit on the top watch your head and face especially when you are driving by low hanging palm trees and trees.
In the market you can find really good deals on souvenirs. We also went to Plaza Americas which you can get really good deals on souvenirs,rum and other alcoholic drinks. There’s a grocery store and a few souvenirs shops and a bank in this mall.
Please make sure to exchange your money at the airport or at the bank . When you exchange money at the resort you don’t get a good exchange for your money and you are charge a surcharge. Make sure to bring your passport with you or you won’t be able to do any transactions with the bank.
All the bars make great drinks. I would highly recommend bringing an insulated mug we all had one, the staff at the bars had no problem filling them up for you. Having insulated travel mugs It really comes in handy you don’t have to rely on the little plastic cups.
We had a fabulous time. We are planning on coming back next year. We would highly recommend this resort. Go! You will have a great time.

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