Holguin Trip Reports: Playa Pesquero

Playa Pesquero, Holguin, Cuba, Pool

Playa Pesquero, Cuba

Playa Pesquero Official Site

April 2005
Laurie & Family (baby 7mos.)

This was our first trip of any kind with our 7 month old son and we were quite nervous.

The resort was extremely accommodating for babies. Some features:
The entire resort is accessible to push chairs and strollers
There is an infant babysitting service within a shaded and gated day care area with some very nice attendants, open from 9:30-12 and 2-5 every day. There is an infant swimming pool, but it is unprotected from the sun and is rarely used. Better are the (very) shallow areas of the massive and beautiful adult pool–some parts are only 1-2 feet deep!
Free push chair and baby walker rental (although you should bring your own, as the resort is quite large and requires a lot of walking)
Free of charge (and very good quality) cots/cribs for the room
US$5/hr babysitting service
Gushing staff who will shower your baby with due attention
Lots of shady spots by the beach
Very good atmosphere for children (heavy drinking/smoking/partying areas are the lobby bar and pool bar, but much of the resort is quiet and relaxed)
Very, very clean and well appointed rooms. Every one has a bar fridge and plenty of room. One of the pictures on this site looked exactly like ours and we had a standard room. I would request building #10 as it is very close to the kids centre and the beach.
Air-conditioned, short, and roomy bus ride from airport.

Bring your own push chair as there is plenty of walking at this resort.
Bring shoes and clothing for the day care staff and try to tip wherever you can…you will find this is not at all an expectation that will be known to you, nor will not tipping affect your service, but it is something they truly need. If I were to go again (which I most certainly will) I would set aside US$100 for tips and a lot of old clothes and pens and paper etc. (nick them from work) and chalk it up to a business expense. Try to give to those poor security guards who stand beneath the palm leaf umbrellas 24h/day.
Bring lots of waterproof sun cream (high SPF) and a good hat.
The bottled water they provide is fine, but you should obviously bring plenty of food, diapers, etc. Don’t expect them to have ANY baby supplies.
They provide highchairs at all the restaurants, but some have no straps. You may want to take a strap from something you have around the house to use with the highchair, although our baby is quite capable of sitting on his own and didn’t need it. Something to think about.
Don’t be afraid to take the baby to the a la carte restaurants. They are very welcome.

A general tip you should keep in mind is to book at the a la carte restaurants first thing (9am) on the morning following your arrival. This will avoid disappointment. Seafood, Romantico, Gondola, Asiatico are good bets, Romantico being by far the best (it’s air conditioned–although that’s not a problem in the evening, it’s just a nice change to be inside for dinner–very nicely decorated and has some top-rate liquor, for those so inclined.)
All in all Pesquero is a VERY safe bet for kids and the youngest infants. The guests are mature and baby-friendly and so is the resort. The one drawback is the heat and sun (how odd to even type that) so just ensure you prepare well for both. You’ll love it.

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