Cayo Guillermo Trip Reports: Melia Cayo Guillermo

Melia Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Guillermo, Cuba, Aerial View

Melia Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Guillermo

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October 2008
Fali & Family (Baby 2yrs.)

I’ll keep this short and simple. A wonderful resort, friendly people, toddler friendly resort, really good food. Good to get away and relax.

My husband myself and my 2-year-old traveled to this resort on October 10th. Weather was beautiful. It rained at night, but not for long. Bring bug spray – the mosquitoes love our Canadian blood! Especially outside the lobby area by the bank!

1. Food was beyond our expectations. Everyone said that Cuban food is blah. But the food here is really good. They have ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and HP so no need to bring your own condiments, that’s just silly. We loved the buffet. The beach restaurant was also very good. And the pool bar / snack bar was very good too. We didn’t try the a la carte as there wasn’t enough variety for my little toddler.

2. Beach is just beautiful. Miles to walk. Water nice and shallow on low tide, which was after 11am.

3. The Pier that you see in the brochure is gone. The hurricane took it out, but you can still walk on a part of it.

4. Shops / Souvenirs. We went to the Iberostar next door. They have a little market outside the lobby and found it a bit cheaper then the souvenir store inside the main hotel. The T-Shirt shop by the gym is reasonably priced too. It’s good to keep in mind that some souvenirs are a bit cheaper at the airport too. We bought our cigars from the hotel cigar shop.

5. Excursions, we didn’t do any because of our little one. But people who did said they had a great time!

6. Room is clean, TV has American channels which helps if you need the occasional Dora or Diego! Bathroom clean. Maids did an awesome job cleaning everyday. There’s also a mini fridge which is filled every day with water, pop and beer at no charge. You may want to tip the guy.

7. The people are so friendly. It’s so sad that they don’t have much. If you’re thinking of bringing things, bring T-Shirts / Hats / Hair Accessories / Pencils / Stationary for kids / Toys. They appreciate that a lot. It’s so nice to see the smile on their face when the get something like that.

8. Security. We had no issues with theft. Although we did lock up our passports and laptop in our luggage. (There are no issues bringing a laptop into Cuba. We brought it along with us to keep our 2-year-old busy on the plane)

All in all we had a wonderful time. The water is perfectly safe to drink we didn’t get sick. The bar gave us cartons of milk to keep in our room fridge for my little one as he still needs milk just before bedtime.

If you go say hi to Edel in the buffet at dinner time! He became such a good friend of ours!


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October 2008
T.B. & Family (Baby 18mos.)
The Melia was great!!!! I will try to keep this short. Traveled as a family: 2 seniors, 3 adults and 1 infant (18 months) Food was excellent at the buffet everything was cooked fresh it was wonderful. The ala cartes were good with the international being better then the Italian. When I go back though I would skip the ala cartes and enjoy the buffet there was so much choice especially if you like fish. All meats are grilled fresh – even the bacon in the morning. The water in the resturants and bars is safe to drink. I did not hear of anyone getting sick at all here. Beach was incredible especially if you are traveling with small children. Low tide gives you a chance to pull your beach chairs into the water and soak up the rays. Rooms were great, clean and well kept. Entertainment staff and shows were super!!! Well rehearsed and vibrant and entertaining. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation this is the place to go. There are so many spots placed through out the resort that one could relax and enjoy a drink or the scenery. I will be going back for sure!!!!


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