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Be Live Playa Coco, Cayo Coco, Pool, Cuba

Be Live Playa Coco (Formerly Oasis Playa Coco), Cayo Coco

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March 2007
Dana & family (baby 18mos.)

We have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. We traveled with another couple and their 3 year old. We had a wonderful vacation. Like most people, we were worried before going, but everything turned out great.

At the airport in Cuba we had three of our bags searched. The one bag was full of snack food for the kids, toddler formula, and munchies. The other bag had a baby monitor in it and they detected the transmission signal on it. Once the bags were examined we were still allowed to keep the items. The security people were very friendly.

The hotel was the last drop off for the bus. It took about 45 minutes to get there. It was kind of nice to have that time to relax and the kids loved looking out the window at the cows!

At the hotel we had to wait a couple hours for our room. We planned for this and had everything we needed in one carry on bag. Once we got our room, it wasn’t right beside our friends so we requested a change. They said “come back tomorrow and we will see what we can do”. We wanted to be beside them so we could socialize once the kids went to bed. We got our luggage fairly quickly and talked to the baggage guys for a while about life in Cuba. We received our crib right away. The next day we were switched to the room beside our friends. We were in building 6 on the 3rd floor, which we thought was perfect. We were close to everything.

During the week we spent the majority of the time by the main pool. It was great for the kids. It was shallow and had a raised area in the middle that they could hop onto and play on. We also spent a lot of time at the kids’ pool. The ice cream parlour was right beside it and the ice cream tasted great! We did spend some time at the beach, which was beautiful, but for some reason all the kids preferred the pool.

The only problem we had was the time of the meals. Breakfast was fine. Lunch at the buffet and the beach bar didn’t open until 12:45pm. The kids were starving by then. We ended up feeding them the food from the 24 hour snack bar almost every day. It was hot dogs, tuna and ham sandwiches or hamburgers with fries. It all actually tasted good. The pizza at the beach bar was delicious. Supper was the same deal. It wasn’t open until 6:45 so we fed the kids from the snack bar around 5:30pm and then they nibbled on bread or played with small toys while the adults ate or we babysat each others kids and the couples took shifts to eat. By the end of the week we had it down to a science! The food wasn’t bad. I might be the only person who actually really enjoyed it. My hubby and I had pasta from the pasta bar almost every night. We brought the chef white wine and chicken from the grill to add to our pasta and had him make a blush sauce and it tasted terrific. The seafood was also very good.

You have to reserve your a la carte restaurant all on your first day. There is a long line to do this. My hubby and I tried the Japanese restaurant which we found to be very good and our friends tried the Italian, which they liked as well. We babysat for each other so we could have some alone time.

The guys loved the cappuccino in the lobby piano bar. They had it a couple of times a day.

We used the kids club every day. We always stayed with them, but it was nice to get out of the sun for awhile in the middle of the day. There is a great playground with baby swings as well. There were turtles and fish in the pond in the lobby that they liked looking at. The kids were exhausted by 7:00pm! It wasn’t hard to get them to go to sleep.

We didn’t get many bites. They sprayed morning and night for them. We also didn’t see any cows, but we did go to bed fairly early because the children were early risers.

Some things I brought that were useful: our own Heinz Ketchup, a small bottle of maple syrup, activities to keep the kids busy at meal times, pails, beach ball, shovels and watering cans to play with at the beach and pool, wipes, stroller for my youngest to nap in by the pool.

We left a lot of stuff for the staff of the hotel. They were very appreciative. We even gave one bartender an umbrella stroller that we never used at home anyway. He was so happy. We also gave out some of the dollar store toys I brought to keep the kids entertained on the plane, extra diapers and little swimmers, lotions, medicine, shampoo, soap, etc

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