St. Lucia

Have A St. Lucia Family Vacation!

St. LuciaPlanning a family getaway? St. Lucia is the ideal family vacation destination where everyone can have the time of their life. St. Lucia provides rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for the adults; and lots of outdoor fun and excitement for the kids. Several hotels on the island welcome families and offer special facilities including kids clubs, special kids meals, and comforting sleeping arrangements – beds and cots in room or adjoining rooms.

Family vacations can include a variety of land sports and water sports. Take a tour that the whole family will enjoy; for example, the Rain Forest or a biking tour.

St. Lucia History & Culture

St. LuciaSince 1979 St Lucia has been a stable independent democracy within the British Commonwealth. But after a few days on the island you’ll discover influences and nuances hinting at its colourful past.

St Lucia was first inhabited by the peaceful Arawak Indians, but they were conquered by their old enemies, the fierce Caribs. Columbus navigator was the first European to discover St Lucia in 1499. Then the British came and in 1667 the French arrived. St Lucia was alternately British and French for the next 150 years, before it was finally ceded to the British in 1814.

St. LuciaThe war has left fortresses and relics behind. For example, Pigeon Island National Park and Fort Rodney. From the former British officers’ mess, it is easy to imagine the cannons firing at French warships as they tried to slip past the fortified hilltop… You can also visit Morne Fortune, a site of a key battle, and Marigot Bay, once a vital wartime base and now a beautiful yacht haven. Diamond Falls and Mineral Baths, built by the French king, Louis XVI, to refresh and heal his troops stationed on St Lucia, are fascinating. As is historic Soufriere, the old French capital.

We still have many British characteristics and, although English is the official language, French patois is widely spoken by the locals. In spirit, the island is influenced by many cultures. St Lucians drive on the left and have a passion for cricket. But the Caribbean influence surfaces in the drinks – rum and locally brewed beer, in the music – calypso, soca, reggae, in the richly flavoured Creole cuisine, in the carnivals, festivals and days of national pride, and in the open-air markets.

You’ll find St Lucia a colourful, unique mixture of history and charming influences.

OECS Vacation Paradise Award

St. LuciaSt. Lucia is rated the top Caribbean family vacation destination, according to a new study released by the OECS.

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