Spice Up Your Llife… Visit Grenada & The Grenadines!

GrenadaGrenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique are three beautiful islands in the Windward chain of islands, threaded by the Caribbean Sea, connecting North and South America. The Caribbean Sea laps gently on the western shores of these islands, while the Altantic casts magnificent swells onto the eastern coastline.

Known as “The Spice of the Caribbean,” visitors will be enticed by the sweet scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla wafting on the balmy breeze. In fact, there are more spices in Grenada per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. Nutmeg is the most abundant spice, and Grenada produces about a third of the world’s supply.

GrenadaGrenada’s capital, St. George’s, is known as the most picturesque city in the Caribbean. Its horseshoe-shaped harbour is surrounded by a pastel rainbow of dockside warehouses and the red-tiled roofs of traditional shops and homes. Rich in English, French and West Indian history, St. George’s is filled with beautiful well-preserved examples of French and British Colonial architecture.

Visitors may find it difficult to tear themselves away from the spectacular beaches and pristine waters, but the island’s tropical landscape also offers an array of fun and exciting inland activities and adventures.

GrenadaWith its lush and mountainous interior, Grenada is being steadily discovered by nature lovers of all types including hikers, mountain bikers, birdwatchers and waterfall buffs. Recreational sports enthusiasts will find the island offers an abundance of activities and facilities to keep them entertained. And for those looking to experience the true essence and character of Grenada, sightseeing and historical sites abound as well as unique shops and outstanding cuisine.

Speaking of food, visitors can indulge in some of the most exciting in the region, from native Grenadian fare, made from the fresh bountiful produce that is found in the bustling markets to some of the finest creations in international cuisine. West Indian cuisine is of course popular, with restaurants featuring creative local cuisine such as callaloo soup, a melange of fresh local seafood, and meats prepared with a true West Indian flare.

GrenadaGrenada’s smaller sister island, Carriacou, is hilly but not mountainous. With smoother terrain, Carriacou is an ideal destination for walking. It possesses fine sand beaches and natural harbours, as well as excellent views of the northern Grenadine islands.

GrenadaPetite Martinique, the third and smallest island in the state, consists of little more than the tip of a volcanic cone poking through the water. It lies 2.5 miles off the northeast coast of Carriacou. It is only now being developed for visitors.

From the grandest luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts, to the smallest inviting guest-houses and inns, Grenada offers accommodations that suit every lifestyle.

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