You are truly spoiled for choice when planning family vacations in Canada.

First, you’ll need to pick your province; there are 10! (And three territories!) It’s the second largest country by area in the world (after Russia) and the largest in North America. Canada’s only land border is with the United States – and it’s the world’s longest.

A holiday in Canada is usually narrowed down by province or by region, and a weekend in Canada is simply not enough, unless you’re doing different areas a weekend at a time. The most popular destinations in Canada include the Rocky Mountains, the Maritimes, and the bustling cities of Toronto and Montreal.

Let’s look at Canada as a baby travel destination by province – from west to east:

British Columbia
Province, British Columbia, Rocky Mountains, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in Canada, Weekend in CanadaDiscover Canada’s westernmost province!

Set between the province of Alberta and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is a land blessed with amazing diversity and a temperate climate. There is an equally amazing variety of places to see and things to do across the province. Mountains to gaze at or climb. History and art to discover. Endless beaches to comb. Cosmopolitan cities to explore. Moss-carpeted rainforests to hike. Sensual spas and tantalizing gastronomic delights to indulge in. Warm-water lakes to play in. Rivers to ride. And so much more.

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From dinosaurs to fine dining, mountains to massages, Alberta has it all!

Province, Alberta, Weekend in Canada, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in Canada, DinosaurThe communities of central Alberta take pride in their history and culture. The rich agricultural region is yours to discover—expansive prairie vistas, rolling foothills, majestic mountains, and countless lakes present visitors with opportunities for hundreds of outdoor adventures.

Grandiose lakes, mighty rivers, abundant wildlife and untapped wilderness await you in Alberta North – truly one of Mother Nature’s secret gems. Live large in the great outdoors or relive Alberta’s beginnings by touring our small town museums and historic sites. Whether you like to travel by horseback, canoe, kayak, jet boat, ATV or snowmobile, whether you’re in search of the ultimate road trip, get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the prehistoric world in Drumheller and the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Follow the Plains Indians in their hunt for buffalo and retrace the steps of explorers, fur traders and whiskey smugglers.
Feel the energy buzz in Alberta’s largest city. Calgary offers western hospitality in cosmopolitan style. Discover what makes us the heart of the New West. Some of the best skiing on the planet is less than 2 hours from our international airport. Join us in July—for our annual Calgary Stampede, the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

It’s only fitting that Alberta’s capital lies in the geographic heart of the province. Take in Greater Edmonton’s charm, stroll through its spectacular river valley—the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America. Beyond the city limits you’ll discover the friendly communities of Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Leduc, St. Albert, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

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The Land of Living Skies…

Province, Saskatchewan, Holidays In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Weekend In CanadaWelcome to Saskatchewan – a land of clean, fresh air, and wide-open spaces. The landscape ranges from windswept badlands and breathtaking river valleys, beautiful beaches and forested highlands, to the north’s vast woodlands and numerous, jewel-blue lakes. These beautiful lakes, parks and northern forests, as well as the rolling hills of cowboy country and golden prairie fields will entice you to spend time in the great outdoors – canoeing, fishing, birding, camping, hiking or perhaps enjoying a trail ride. In the winter, strap on some skis, lace on your skates, go snowmobiling or learn the art of skijoring!

In communities around the province, take in a rodeo or one of the many festivals celebrating music, the arts, multiculturalism and our sparkling Saskatchewan winter. Attend a concert, or enjoy the colour and movement of a powwow. Larger centres like Regina and Saskatoon offer an exciting urban mix of restaurants, galleries, shops and numerous year-round events.
No matter where you are in our province, the “Land of Living Skies”, you will experience our incomparable sunrises, sunsets and ever-changing skies. Oh yeah – and don’t forget your camera!

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Unforgettable Manitoba…

Province, Manitoba, Winnipeg Skyline, Holidays In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Weekend In CanadaBoreal forest, rocky outcrops and pristine lakes. Wild rivers in the north and agricultural fields in the south. Manitoba is a province of memorable contrasts – north and south, urban and rural.

We love outdoor adventure and revel in our wilderness and wildlife. Cottage life is our way of life. Loads of bright sunshine year round. The arts scene, festivals and cultural cuisine thrive in our urban haven, Winnipeg.

In Manitoba, we combine rural small town charm and genuine friendliness with urban elegance and warm hospitality. Cosmopolitan and vibrant, adventurous and exhilarating, cultured and multicultural, playful and festive – in a word, unforgettable.

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Yours to discover!

Province, Ontario, Centre Island Ferry, Weekend In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in CanadaCome and explore a vast and diverse landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. Look out upon the rugged beauty of canyons gouged deep in the earth. Feel the mist on your face as majestic waterfalls thunder down from incredible heights. Follow hiking paths and canoe routes through glorious outdoor havens where moose, caribou and bears roam freely. Walk with nature through ancient stands of white pine and rare Carolinian forests. Cruise past thousands and thousands of islands sculpted by primordial glaciers. Seek out the sun on sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Come and discover all the natural wonders that make this province so uniquely Ontario.

Take your seat for a stellar performance. Enjoy Broadway blockbusters or innovative local theatre on Toronto‘s diverse stages. Discover summer theatre and music festivals that bring the entertainment outdoors where you can see great singers perform from a floating stage or drama coming to life on a picturesque farm stage. Paint, sculpt or photograph nature where inspiration surrounds you. Be dazzled by Ontario’s myriad museums and their signature collections including rare ceramics, classic canoes, fantastic footwear and more. Whether you are moved by old masters or inspired by avant-garde installations, you’ll delight in wide ranging art galleries. From drama to dance, landscape paintings to symphonies and music, come share Ontario’s heart for the arts.

Revel in the joyous sound of children’s laughter. Scream down a winding waterslide into a huge pool of water. Help your kids search for hidden treasures – precious minerals, amethysts, gold and even ancient sea fossils. Go on safari by car or bus through a savannah where lions and tigers roam freely. Watch a recreated War of 1812 battle unfold right before your eyes. Hold your breath as you anticipate the plunge of an enormous roller coaster hill. Teach your child how to bait a hook, build a campfire or paddle a canoe. Let them explore among stalactites and spot a bat in mysterious caves. Come and experience an endless list of family attractions that will spark wonder and joy in kids of all ages.

Check out our Ontario Resorts page for first hand experiences at some of Ontario’s (and Western New York’s!) wonderful family resorts and lodges.
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Providing emotions since 1534!

Province, Quebec, Quebec City, Old Quebec City, Weekend In Canada, Holidays In Canada, Holiday in CanadaQuébec is truly a unique land in North America. Unique for its geography, its history and its culture, which together have forged its bold and exuberant identity. Simply put, Québec is warmth, absolute authenticity and intensity, all within easy reach! Québec has what it takes to satisfy those who enjoy outdoor action, sports and recreation, whether they wish to head out on the open road, visit the nicest cultural and natural sites or simply celebrate!

A compelling blend of Old World charm and North American innovation, Québec’s cities are characterized by an energy and human quality that leaves no visitor unmoved. Amid such pervasive warmth and vibrancy, feeling at home is only natural! Montréal, Québec City and Gatineau—all of which are nicely situated alongside great waterways—each present a different facet of urban life in Québec, while sharing certain assets: an exciting cultural scene, top-notch hotels and gourmet offerings that reflect the very best culinary traditions.

Québec has plenty to offer the young and the young at heart: adventure, an incredible variety of activities, and lots of space. You and your children can discover vibrant cities and a culture that is unique on the North American continent, providing a harmonious blend of the old and new worlds. History is always just around the corner and nature, never far away. A family vacation in Québec is your ticket to a rewarding travel experience filled with pleasant surprises!

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New Brunswick
No Small Wonders!

Province, New Brunswick, Bay Of Fundy, Weekend In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in CanadaYou could say that being a renowned four-season vacation destination just comes “naturally” to us.

New Brunswick is a place where you’ll discover the highest tides in the world, where rivers are bountiful and inspirational and bays win beauty pageants. You will be fascinated by the fragile beauty of coastal dunes and inspired by the Appalachians, some of the oldest mountains on the planet.

The province has also earned a reputation as a world-class cultural destination with fascinating historic sites and museums, and entertaining theatre, and art galleries in vibrant urban centres and charming communities. Our lively festivals invite visitors to join us in experiencing and celebrating all that makes us proud to be New Brunswickers.

Tour our five spectacular scenic drives that showcase the distinctive landscape and must-see attractions. New Brunswick is a one-of-a-kind destination. It inspires through its world-class Natural Wonders. It enchants through its creative, talented and friendly people. It entices you to explore, join in and experience every extraordinary moment!

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Nova Scotia
This is Canada’s Seacoast…

Province, Nova Scotia, Lighthouse, Weekend In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in CanadaNova Scotia’s blend of dramatic seas, scenic lands, Celtic music and friendly people shape a maritime culture like no other.

Witness the world’s highest tide ebb out of the Minas Basin and beachcomb the ocean floor for treasures. Drive, bike or hike the Cabot Trail, Canada’s great ocean highway. Visit the province’s capital city, the seaport of Halifax. Or stop by the town of Lunenburg to see the home of the world-famous Bluenose II.

Nova Scotia is kid-friendly. Here are some ideas guaranteed to keep your kids happy – At the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg, kids can get up close and personal with slimy sea creatures at the unique touch tank. Fantastic! Whalewatching off of Cape Breton Island – imagine getting so close to a whale, you can look it in the eye. Awesome!.

You can discover dinosaurs at the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro. Your kids will see some of the oldest dinosaur bones in Canada and meet ancient creatures. Then, check out Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park – explore nature on the wild side of this 40-hectare park. You’ll see animals run free in their native habitats and get the chance to experience cool interactive displays.

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Prince Edward Island

The Gentle Island…

Province, Prince Edward Island, PEI, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in Canada, Weekend In CanadaPrince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest and greenest province. Cradled on the waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Island is known for the vivid colours of its gently rolling landscape. Prince Edward Island is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and red sandstone cliffs and is sized just right for touring. Visitors to the Island return home not only relaxed and refreshed – they often claim to have been transformed, which leads us to wonder “What if the World Had Been to Prince Edward Island?”

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Newfoundland & Labrador
About as far away from Disneyland as you can get…

Province, Newfoundland, Whale Watching, Weekend In Canada, Holidays in Canada, Holiday in CanadaRich with history. Rife with culture. Sprawling with natural beauty. All these wonders have been here for thousands of years, embraced by those who happened upon them. It’s up to the traveler to enjoy them, to go vigorously in search of people, adventure, of experience.

While finding the true spirit of this land, you’ll stumble upon everything from wildlife to history to amazing vistas to culture. In fact, being the most easterly point in North America merits our very own time zone, half-an-hour off-kilter with the rest of the world.

Which is why this place is for the traveller, not the tourist. Around every corner, around every bend, you will find a little piece of heaven, an unexpected delight, a playful breeze that will help your journey. But these are only elements of what makes this place truly unforgettable. And therein lies the magic of this mysterious land – in order to find what you are looking for, you must first be willing to let go of your expectations, willing to really lose yourself. And let the traveller inside lead you to places you never dreamed possible.

Families find that Newfoundland and Labrador has a lot of different things that kids like to see and do. These things could be insects, Vikings, small marine critters, fish – even sitting in a pilot’s seat.

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