Advertising Policy

Have Baby Will Travel Advertising & Editorial Policy

There’s advertisements on Have Baby Will Travel. Some are served through a 3rd party, and some are direct. To inquire about advertising rates and options, please email [email protected].

Occasionally we are sent things to review and, if that’s the case, you’ll know.  We’ll probably end up giving it away in a contest! Receipt of an item does not guarantee a (positive) review. We would never recommend an item we wouldn’t use (or want) ourselves.

Occasionally we are offered a reduced rate on accommodations or free travel.  This does not influence the tone of our articles and/or reviews.  Have Baby Will Travel’s main objective is to be a trusted source of information for traveling parents, and we in no way want to jeopardize that trust.

We will partner with travel brands that will add value to the user’s experience. Any and all custom content on Have Baby Will Travel is clearly labeled as such. There are no “advertorials” on Have Baby Will Travel.

If you purchase something from the affiliate ads from the pages of Have Baby Will Travel, we’ll receive a small commission.

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  1. alejandra vicco at 15:07 #


    My name is Alejandra Vicco and I have recently launched the first e-company exclusively dedicated to baby equpment rental in Argentina. We are located in the capital city, Buenos Aires, please visit our web site.
    I am writing because I would like information regarding advertisement to have my business reach those desiring to travel to Argentina and to find out if you have a baby rental gear directory.

    Thank you, I look forward to your response.
    Alejandra Vicco