Taking Great Pictures and Capturing Priceless Memories

taking great pictures, canon rebel, canonblogtography, rebel t5i

The Canon Rebel T5i

I’m an old dog who learned new tricks. Now I suppose that’s not a very flattering way to describe  myself, but in this case it’s pretty accurate. Thanks to a combination of a professional videographer husband, fun and funky filters on Instagram, as well as a dollop of laziness, I didn’t really know the first thing about taking great pictures. Nor did I fully comprehend the importance of those pictures as true snapshots of priceless memories. I’m so grateful to Canon for not only getting me out of Auto (even though the Auto function on our Rebel T5i is pretty awesome) but for truly empowering me to work my camera!

Thanks to Canon and their #CanonBlogtography program, I’ve learned about f-stops and shutter speeds, the importance of the rule of thirds and contrast (as well as how to actually hold my camera properly!), how to take a great portrait, as well as the beauty and ease of shooting video with DSLR cameras.

But Canon is more than just the cameras, and I’m so excited about these items – I can’t even tell you…

taking great pictures, canon, canonblogtography, enlargements, photo printer, canon photoprinter

Our dining room wall…

One of the feature walls in our home is in the dining room. We had enlargements made of some of our favourite family travel photos, framed them, and hung them. We get so many compliments on this wall, and truly we love it. However, the selecting of the photos was the cause of many arguments, and getting the enlargements made was really expensive!

So, I’m delighted to introduce you to these printers from Canon – the SELPHY CP900 that prints photo-lab quality card-sized prints. And it’s wireless – you can instantly print from your smartphone! I think this little device is genious. And I’m thinking we could have saved ourselves a lot of aggro with our dining room project by using PIXMA PRO 100 photo printer. This nifty professional photo printer can create enlargements up to 13″ x 19″.  And they are awesome.

canon blogtography, taking great pictures, canon photo printers

Enlargement of our trip to Remedios, Cuba in 2011…

Why am I so excited about these photo printers? Freedom, my friends, freedom. I’m the type that loves to give framed photographs as birthday and holiday gifts, and now I can print my own from the comfort of my home. One of the souvenirs we usually bring home from our trips are picture frames, but guess how many prints from our travels are up and displayed in said souvenir picture frames? ZERO. This printer means things will change around here, and that includes the bare walls that make up most of our home!

But while I get around to doing that, I’m ever so grateful to Canon for helping me to hone and own my craft, and for the enlargements of these beautiful shots of my kids. I’m so grateful 🙂

taking great pictures, taking great portraits, canon blogtography, canon rebel, canon photo printer

Taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Summer, 2013

taking great portraits, canon

Taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Summer, 2013

*The #CanonBlogtography program was sponsored by Canon, but all views expressed are my own*


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