Shooting Video With DSLR Cameras For #CanonBlogtography

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You’d think that since my husband and I are media and broadcasting professionals, we’d have a huge library of home movies. We don’t. In fact, I don’t even know where my wedding video is (my Uncle John shot it on a Hi-8 – remember those?!) I think the problem is that neither of us can stand to watch video that is not broadcast quality, and we are used to creating that with large, professional crews. So we’ve never invested in a video camera, and we have precious little video footage of our kids.

Well, until now.

Shooting video with DSLR cameras is kind of a game changer for us, and the fact that our Canon Rebel T5i can shoot video (with an image stabilizer, no less) we’re starting to play with it more and more.

Videos are another great way to capture family events and a DSLR camera can certainly create a high quality product. Take a look at our son at one of our favourite spots in the world, the Kawarthas.

And thanks to Canon, I have some pointers to share with you about shooting video with DSLR cameras:

  • A DSLR is perfect for taking video because it has the ability to create depth of field – a blurry foreground or background (We do this at 17 seconds into the video)
  • T5is like ours make it easy to shoot video and you don’t have to carry around another device to capture awesome footage
  • We didn’t use it for this video, but the T5i has a Video Snapshot mode, that lets you take short 2, 4, or 8 second clips and the camera automatically compiles the snippets into one video. This is an easy and different way to showcase your memories.

We’ve made a promise to ourselves to capture more of our memories on video. Like this one of Bub at the lake, I’m instantly taken back to that moment in time, and while photos are a wonderful way of bringing events like this back to life, nothing really beats video in that regard.

*The #CanonBlogtography program is sponsored by Canon, but all views expressed are my own.


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  1. Great tips Corinne, I wish I could capture some great video from our travels. I think I should make it a resolution this year just to point and shoot no matter what! Perhaps a well edited montage might appear on my blog at the end of 2014! Here’s hoping!

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