Jamaica Resorts with Baby Clubs

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Bub With Nanny Loraine at FDR, Jamaica

Jamaica is definitely a fabulous family vacation destination, with a wide range of accommodation options at very different price points and with a number of different amenities. Most resorts have rooms able to accommodate larger families with three kids or more, and most can arrange babysitting or nannies. A baby-friendly resort does not necessarily have to have a baby club, but it is a nice amenity to have when traveling to Jamaica with a baby.

Baby Clubs, Not Just Babysitting…

The bonus of a baby club means you can often just pop by for an hour or two when it suits your schedule and/or your baby’s routine best. If your baby is an easy napper, you may want to drop her off at naptime so she’d supervised while she sleeps, and you can steal a few moments to yourselves. Or perhaps you’d feel more comfortable letting your baby play in a safe, supervised, and air-conditioned area during awake time so you could hit the beach for a snooze or a snorkel. Either way, if you’re comfortable enough to leave your little one in the care of others, it’s nice to have that option.

Baby Clubs at resorts vary widely in terms of amenities and services available, and also – cost. In Jamaica, however, all of these resorts have their baby club included, with extra services that can be added at an additional cost

Jamaica Resorts with Baby Clubs…

There is plenty of information for resorts in Jamaica, but Jamaica resorts with baby clubs sometimes seem rare. I waded through to find Jamaica resorts with baby clubs who will care for infants and toddlers 0-4 years of age…

beaches ocho rios pool, beaches ocho rios, jamaica resorts with baby clubs

Beaches Ocho Rios

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa & Beaches Ocho Rios Resort & Spa

While the jewel in the crown of the Beaches brand is their Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort (which is expanding again!) their two resorts in Jamaica, while smaller, offer the same level of service in their child care programs, which are included in your stay. Beaches Vacations are not inexpensive vacations, but they often offer great discounts and incentives on repeat stays, and the level of service is astounding and the food (and variety of it) is excellent. The baby and child care rooms at Beaches Negril were spotless, and the caregivers were very loving and attentive. The only real difficulty here is competing with Big Bird and Cookie Monster for your toddler’s attention. Of all the Jamaica resorts with baby clubs, Beaches Resorts are truly the cream of the crop.

Runaway Bay, Jamaica, FDR resort, Franklyn D. Resort, Vacation Nanny, jamaica resort with baby clubs

Sunset at FDR Resort

Franklyn D. Resort & Spa – Runaway Bay

FDR is not your typical baby club, as this is the fabled Jamaican resort that offers each family staying there a “Vacation Nanny” who helps with child care and housekeeping. There is a kids’ club onsite that the nannies often bring the kids to, but it’s not your usual staffed facility but more like an area for the kids to play and do crafts where each child or family has individual supervision. Since it’s so affordable to hire an extra nanny for the day ($20 USD from 9am – 4:40pm) many families with kids with a wide age gap often have a separate nanny specifically for the baby’s needs, so the bigger kids can go off and and have bigger kid fun.

Holiday Inn Sunspree

Located near Montego Bay just about ten minutes from the airport, this Holiday Inn is an All-Inclusive resort that offers a baby club for infants as young as six months. Reviews are mixed for the hotel, but it certainly is a more affordable choice for an all-inclusive resort vacation in Jamaica. They offer “Kid Suites” and children 12-years-of-age and under stay, play and eat for free.

Sunscape Cove & Sunscape Splash

There are two Sunscape resorts in Jamaica, Sunscape Cove and Sunscape Splash in Montego Bay. Both resorts offer facilities and toddler care for children aged three and up. Of course private babysitting can be booked, and amenities for younger babies are available for the rooms, but included care does not start until age 3. I visited Sunscape Splash for lunch a few years ago, and it is a big, bustling, and clean resort with a nice spa and fantastic waterslide for the older kids. The Sunscape properties are a more affordable choice for an All-Inclusive stay in Jamaica.

Jewel Runaway Bay

This hotel is the former Breezes adult-only resort located just next door to FDR, and offers a fantastic strip of beach as well as a number of family-welcoming amenities. With 62 connecting rooms, families can choose from several accommodation and bedding configurations providing privacy for parents but close proximity to the kids allowing for quality family time. A Premier room can accommodate up to two children and two adults while a suite could easily accommodate three children and two adults. Cribs can also be added to any room upon request. There are five programs for children ranging in age from infant (minimum 18mos.) to teen and the Gem Counselors and Nannies are trained in First Aid, CPR and AED. With 24hrs notice, a private nanny can be hired for up to two children at a cost of $35.00 USD per day. Clients of mine just came back from Jewel Runaway Bay, and said the staff were very caring and attentive.

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  1. Claire Stidwell at #

    Such a helpful page. Thank you.

  2. Virginia at #

    Helpful posting, we are going to Jewel Runaway Bay and were informed that while the kids’ club (18 months +) is free, the nannies are available for hire at $7/hour during the daytime (until 11pm), $10/hr 11pm-2am, and $15/hr after 2am.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks for the update, Virginia. Those seem like very reasonable rates!

    • Ashley at #

      Are the nannies for hire able to watch children under 18 months?

      • Corinne at #

        Hi Ashley! It depends on the resort, but for the most part, yes–if you hire a nanny they should be able to watch a child 18mos. and younger.

  3. Vacation Hunter at #

    I know this post is fairly oldecent, but the Sunset Beach resorts have been sold and are now Sunscape. The kids club age is now ages 3 and up.

  4. Rose at #

    If you dont stay at one of the resorts that have baby club can you still pay the fee and have your children participate?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Rose! I think you need to be a guest of the resorts in order to have your kids take part in the baby club. You might be able to arrange a day rate if you contact the hotels directly. However, wherever you stay, I’m sure they can arrange a private caregiver if that’s what you’re looking for.

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