Cuba Resorts with Baby Clubs

cuba resorts, cuba resorts with baby clubs, resorts with baby clubsWhile I often tout Cuba as a fabulous family vacation destination, I will grant that there are a few shortcomings when it comes to amenities that we take for granted at other destinations. However, there are quite a few Cuba resorts with baby clubs, in a number of destinations throughout the island.

Baby Clubs, Not Just Babysitting…

While most hotels will offer babysitting services at an additional cost for children of all ages, the bonus of a baby club means you can often just pop by for an hour or two when it suits your schedule and/or your baby’s routine best. If your baby is an easy napper, you may want to drop her off at naptime so she’d supervised while she sleeps, and you can steal a few moments to yourselves. Or perhaps you’d feel more comfortable letting your baby play in a safe, supervised, and air-conditioned area during awake time so you could hit the beach for a snooze or a snorkel. Either way, if you’re comfortable enough to leave your little one in the care of others, it’s nice to have that option.

Baby Clubs at resorts vary widely in terms of amenities and services available, and also – cost. Beaches Turks & Caicos‘ baby club is included, where Club Med’s Baby Club (at Ixtapa Pacific or elsewhere) is extra – roughly $82 USD per day. Both are excellent resorts in beautiful destinations, but are priced significantly higher than comparable vacations in Cuba.

Cuba Resorts With Baby Clubs…

Information for resorts in Cuba can sometimes seem inconsistent, so I waded through all the information to find Cuba resorts with baby clubs who will care for infants and toddlers 0-4 years of age…

playa pilar, pilar beach, playa pilar cuba, day trip cayo cocoCuba Resorts with Baby Clubs: Cayo Coco

Memories Flamenco – This resort touts itself as a 5-Star. Reviews of the Baby Club are decent, with perhaps the biggest complaint being a lack of shade at the Baby Pool, which the hotel management insists they are working on. Cayo Coco is an easy trip with a baby, as the resorts are very close to the airport. And the nearby public beach, Playa Pilar, is possibly one of the nicest I’ve ever visited. However, there are no Cubans on Cayo Coco – merely hotels. The closest town, Moron, is on the mainland at the other end of a 45-minute drive along the causeway. We felt like Brangelina as we walked around there; we were gawked at as there were truly no other tourists.

Cuba Resorts with Baby Clubs: Cayo Largo

Sol Pelicano – Located on the Caribbean side of Cuba, on Cayo Largo del Sur, and only a five minute drive from the airport, Sol Pelicano is a 4-Star all-inclusive hotel built ten years ago. There is a notice that the beach size changes depending on the tides, but kids stay and eat free most times of the year, or pay a special, heavily discounted rate.

Cayo Santa Maria, Beach, Cuba, Waves

Cuba Resorts with Baby Clubs: Cayo Santa Maria

Melia Las DunasCayo Santa Maria is one of the newer areas to be developed in Cuba, and while it’s quite a haul from the Santa Clara airport, we loved our stay at the Sol Cayo Santa Maria next door (listed below). Melia Las Dunas is listed as a 5-Star, gets good reviews for both the hotel itself and the baby club (which I peeked at when we walked through to check it out but it wasn’t open when we were there).

Memories Paraiso Azul Cayo Santa Maria – As with the Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco listed above, Memories Resorts are positioning themselves as very family friendly and most of them offer baby clubs in addition to the more traditional kids’ clubs. These locations in Cayo Santa Maria are listed as 5-Star properties.

Sol Cayo Santa Maria – We stayed at the Sol Cayo Santa Maria in November of 2010 – we had a wonderful vacation that we paid almost nothing for, but the hotel was in dire need of refurbishment and that included the baby club. The women who ran it were very nice, but the club itself was not air-conditioned, and the collection of outdoor toys and small climbers were all run down and broken. We did not use the baby club, and I would have been disappointed had we counted on using it. The management says that they are planning an ambitious renovation, but I have been unable to find any more recent reviews that mention the baby club.

Cuba Resorts with Baby Clubs: Holguin

Playa Pesquero – I have heard only rave reviews of Playa Pesquero and the baby club. It is listed as a 4-Star hotel, and apparently is the largest resort in Cuba. According to online reviews, the new Villas are THE best room options.

Paradisus Varadero, Cuba, BeachCuba Resorts with Baby Clubs: Varadero

Blau Marina Varadero – Next to the Punta Hicacos Ecological Park, the Blau Marina Varadero used to be the 4.5-Star Barcelo Marina Palace – a resort whose only complaint was it being a tad mosquito-y. It’s a bit further from Varadero airport than most Varadero resorts.**note** The Blau Marina recently updated its brochure to state that their baby club now starts at age 2.

Memories Varadero – Now with a “Diamond Club” feature, the Memories Varadero is listed as a 4+Star and is the former Sirenis La Salinas. Reviews seem to be mostly positive, and it really seems that the Memories brand is living up to its family-friendly hype!

Paradisus Varadero – This is, I think, one of the very first 5-Star resorts in Cuba, and though we know we need to temper our expectations regarding Star ratings and Cuba, this resort consistently receives very positive reviews from all who stay. Most seem very satisfied with the quality and care received at the Baby Club.

Tryp Melia Peninsula Varadero – I have several friends who swear by this resort as an excellent choice for those traveling with babies and toddlers, and that includes the service and amenities at the baby club. It’s listed as a 4-Star and the online reviews are mixed at best, but you always need to take those with a grain of salt if they’re not vetted beforehand.

I’ve been to Cuba six times with my family, and our very first family vacation was to Cuba. It is true that the Star ranking differs from other Caribbean destinations, but Cuba is a safe and clean choice for a holiday in the sun with your baby. If you’re thinking about a family vacation to Cuba you won’t find a more affordable or safer choice.

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  1. Jill at 11:41 #


    Great website with alot of information. We are travelling with our daughter 20 months and thinking of Melia las Dunes. We are travelling at night so the long ride i’m hoping will not be a problem. i love the fact they have a pizzeria not only for her but for me :-).

    Im looking for a clean room, nice beach and and good kids entertainment

    Liek to hear from you

    Thanks Jill

    • Corinne at 21:37 #

      Have definitely heard great things about this property – would love to know what you think of it!

  2. Marina at 08:35 #

    Hi there,
    I’m thinking to go to Playa Cayo Santa Maria…in Cuba,my son 5 yrs, what do you think? Could you advice the best one for you please 🙂 Tks!

    • Corinne at 09:27 #

      Hi Marina!
      I know two families who’ve stayed at Playa Cayo Santa Maria, and they both loved it. I haven’t been there personally, so I’m afraid I can’t offer any more information than that!

    • Donna at 08:03 #

      Hi Marina,

      My family wants to go to Playa Cayo Santa Maria this summer with my 20 month old (at the time we travel). Did you go there and what were your thoughts?

      • Corinne at 11:10 #

        Hi Donna! I’m not sure if Marina can see your message, but I have friends who went to that resort last year and absolutely loved it. Their youngest was a bit older, though, in case you were looking for infant- or toddler-specific info. Let us know how your trip goes!

  3. Joy at 21:08 #

    hi Corinne,
    we will be travelleing to cuba in october with an 8 month old :0) for a 2 weeks holiday!! can you help me choose a resort please…

  4. Roger at 11:02 #

    Hi All,

    We frequent Playa Pesquero in Holguin Cuba with our son who has been there at 5 months, 7 months 12 months and 16 months. He has participated in the free daily baby club during all our visits. The staff are great and have played, fed and changed him on a regular basis. They also offer evening babysitting at a very cheap rate…remember to tip!

    • Corinne at 21:11 #

      Thanks for the great info, Roger! I know many people are curious about that resort.

  5. Nia at 21:02 #

    We have a 20 month old and are looking for a transat all inclusive in the carribean.
    Any suggestions would be nice!

  6. Mary at 14:59 #

    Hi! This is a fantastic site, thank you for all your information.

    We are looking at going to Memories Flamenco soon and I was wondering about the baby club. I have a 16 month old and have never left him at a baby club before so I’m a little nervous. I’ve read good things about this place, so we may consider it so hubby and I can have some time to ourselves for an hour here and there.

    Do you tip people in the baby club? or just for babysitting?


    • Corinne at 11:27 #

      Hi Mary!

      I’m not sure if Memories Resorts have a company-wide ban on tipping (like Beaches/Sandals do) but if they don’t, I would certainly tip! Have a great trip and please get in touch when you get back, we love to hear about your experience!

  7. Lindsay at 23:32 #

    Hi there –
    Planning on heading to a friend’s destination wedding at the end of November this year. In Varadero at the Ocean Varadero. Wondering if you’ve heard anything about it? We’re travelling from Western Canada and want to be sure it’ll be worth it for us to bring our daughter with us, who will be 18 months by the time the trip would roll around.
    Thanks! You’re website has been very useful and informative thus far.

    • Corinne at 16:22 #

      Hi Lindsay!

      I say go for it. So long as your friend is cool with having your baby attend the wedding, I think you will have a wonderful vacation with your friends and family.

  8. Sana at 11:04 #

    hi there,
    Looking at travelling to Cuba with a 10 month old and a 4 and half year old. Any recommendations?

    • Corinne at 20:32 #

      Hi Sana!
      It really depends on your budget and your expectations. If it’s your first time to Cuba, I really recommend Varadero. It’s the most built up and has the biggest tourist infrastructure.

  9. Nancy at 19:58 #

    My husband and I are traveling to Cuba in 3 weeks to see family. Our son will turn 1 year old when we are ther, so I am less inclined to roughing it like we used to do. We need a place with air-conditioner in the room, cribs upon request, and hopefully a baby club or baby-sitter available. I am having trouble figuring out a good place IN HAVANA. We will be staying in the city and then visiting family during the days in Santa Fe. Do you have any advice for us??

    Thanks so much. I love this website!
    Nancy Cruz

    • Corinne at 09:54 #

      Hi Nancy!
      Off the top of my head I don’t know of any place in Havana, but I’ll check around.

  10. Mya at 09:35 #

    HI, I am thinking of taking my children (6 & 7) next year to cuba for a family holiday, I would like it to be beautiful and on a stunning caribbean beach, but I would also like to experience some of the local culture, rather than being tucked away in an all inclusive resort… what would you recommend. i would also really like kids clubs, so that we too, get some down time!

    • Corinne at 10:03 #

      Hi Mya!

      I would recommend you try Varadero. Fantastic beach but only 90min from Havana–perfect for day trips. Another option is Trinidad. Playa Ancon is awesome (on the Caribbean side) and only five minutes from Trinidad. A little tougher to get to (90min on bus from the airport) but worth it, in my opinion. Have a great trip!

  11. Misty at 21:13 #

    Hi there, I’m not sure if this page is current or not, but we are looking for info on a great Cuban resort that is toddler friendly for a 3 year old and a 20 month old. We dont’ think we would use a baby club, but a baby pool and play area are a must! We have no idea of where to do, but we would like the option to do a few side trips if possible!!!

    Any suggestions would be sooo appreciated, we are not seasoned travelers and have NO idea where to start!

  12. Sim at 16:53 #

    Hey ! Love your site !
    We’re going on a family trip to Varadero with two kids ( 8yr old son and 6month old daughter). We were looking into the Memories Beach Resort. Do they have a baby club ? Do you know if they have suites with a closed bedroom for baby to sleep in without disturbing ? Cribs ?
    Also have always wanted to visit Havana, is it worth it with a baby ? What would be the best way to get there and is there anything to do there with the kids ?
    Thank you so much ! 🙂

    • Corinne at 11:24 #

      Hi Sim!

      Memories Resorts should be able to provide a crib so long as you reserve it in advance. The Memories Resorts websites says they have a Baby Club at all of their resorts in Cuba, but I have never been to a Memories property firsthand to see. Havana is a great day trip from Varadero, but unless your kids like walking around I’m not sure they’ll get much out of it. We manage with ours just by grabbing a coffee or cold drink and sitting in a square or pedestrian area and letting them explore under our watchful eye, but truthfully it was much easier with just a baby in tow who was happy to ride around in a stroller! My recommendation is to hire a taxi with an English-speaking driver, and request a taxi with rear seat belts. That way you can install your car seat for the baby and come and go as you please. Will likely cost as much as paying for an organized tour for all of you–maybe a bit more, but well worth it. Have a great trip!!

  13. Annie at 11:32 #

    I have two boys and I think it’s time we can do a beach baca. I Have 3.5 year old and a clingy two year old. I definitely want something that has well built entertainment and lots of options for the kids so we can enjoy our time as they are distracted.

    • Corinne at 20:12 #

      Best of luck, Annie! Have a wonderful trip and let us know if we can help you choose a resort 🙂

    • Corinne at 11:00 #

      Hi Annie! Any of the resorts on this list should fit the bill. Let me know where you decide!

  14. Aleksandra at 09:51 #

    Hello and thanks for great info! I am wondering if you know if any of these resorts have a beach restaurant like at Hotel Bella Costa. I really loved having breakfast while feeling the ocean breeze. And having a dinner listening to the waves 🙂

    Also, do the resorts such as Memories typically include the Baby Club as part of the cost and do they have a limit of number of times or hours you drop the kids off?

    Finally do you know which ones actually have shaded kids pool?

    • Corinne at 14:56 #

      Hi Aleksandra!
      Most resorts have a restaurant or dining option on or near the beach. As far as I know, the Memories Resorts that offer baby clubs include the service without additional cost. My guess it they will have set hours throughout the day. On past trips I noted that the baby club times were usually 10-12 and then 2-5, unless they have nap facilities on-site.

  15. HSS at 15:36 #

    Hi Corinne!
    What a great website! Thanks so much!
    I’m keen on going to Cuba with my 14 month old. I was thinking of a week in Havana hanging out and a week by the beach. Varadero looks nice, particularly as the drive isn’t too long. I heard good things about Trinidad but that seems like quite a long way. We are interested in somewhere to stay with a pool for the little one, shade, and fun things to explore. baby club not essential as we’d like to spend time together as a family! Do you know of somewhere like this? Cheers!

    • Corinne at 23:51 #

      Thanks! You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to Varadero, especially if you’re not fussed on having specific baby amenities. Personally I like being close to town to go for a bit of a wander, so the Barcelo Solymar is nice for that.

  16. Lisa at 20:12 #

    Hi, I’m a single mom and have been thinking of going to Cuba. I can’t find anyone to come with me. Am I crazy to go alone with my 18 month old? Should I stick to Varadero? I adore Trinidad as well and gave friends there who own a Casa, but I think I’ll wait until my daughter is older to attempt that trip.

  17. Breda collins at 16:49 #

    Hi we are thinking of travelling to varadero with our ten year old can you recommend a resort that will have kiddies club.

    • Corinne at 16:38 #

      Hi Breda! Any of these properties also have kids clubs. You have lots to choose from!

  18. Sbeen Ajmal at 16:29 #

    Hi I have booked travel for my family to Cuba Varadero and Havana. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. We want to book a resort in Varadero with a toddler club. I have spent weeks and months trying to find a decent resort. I have read so many bad reviews with the Melia resorts and the ones from this website. Most of the resorts with toddler clubs have bad reviews with service, food, and cleanliness. I am afraid to go to a 5 start hotel that has bed bugs.
    Can you please tell me if you stayed in a decent place in Varadero with a toddler club recently. I’m just stuck and wondering if i should just take the loss on my flights and cancel the trip to Cuba. I’m booked for the last two weeks in December 2017.
    I would appreciate anyone’s help please. I am looking and reading reviews on Trip Advisor and and reading over 100 of reviews.

    thank you,

    • Corinne at 17:16 #

      Hi Sbeen! I replied to your email–I hope you saw it 🙂

  19. Jennifer at 09:06 #

    We want to visit Varadero with our 3 year old for 6 days, with a kids club,
    which airport do we fly to? Do we book them both separately? and taxi?

    • Corinne at 16:03 #

      Hi Jennifer! It depends on who you book with (and what you book) but best bet is to fly directly into Varadero and most packages include airport transfers. If not, there are lots of taxis at the Varadero airport. I’m not sure where you’ll be coming from, but your best (and easiest) bet would be to book a package that would include flight, resort, and all transfers.

  20. Jennifer at 16:40 #

    thank you, I am coming from NYC. jfk airport.

    where can I book a package? I use expedia and I don’t see any.

  21. Mindy at 16:12 #

    I am looking at Varadero as a possible holiday for myself, my husband and 21 month old this winter, I can’t seem to find much information on recommended vaccine options and schedules for travelling to Cuba with a toddler… any advice?

    Also,should we actually commit to a vacation in Cuba, do we bother taking a car seat? From what i’ve read they are not common or easy to use there and our only venture out of Varadero would be on a shuttle to and from the resort…

    • Corinne at 12:28 #

      Hi Mindy!
      It is entirely up to you with regard to the car seat. We always brought ours with no regrets. If you do want to venture out and perhaps do a day trip to Havana, you can install your car seat in the taxi and come and go on your own schedule. Taxis in Varadero are much more consistently maintained (with rear seat belts) than some of the less-developed tourist areas.

      You don’t really need much else for vaccinations outside of your regular schedule. Some more info can be found here:

      Have a great trip!!

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