Flying WestJet with a Baby

For our trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba, we booked online with WestJet Vacations.

flying westjet with a baby

WestJet At YYZ

This was WestJet’s first year flying into Cuba (Varadero, Cayo Coco, and Holguin), and the first thing that struck me was how civilized the flight times are. Typically for Cuba you’re looking at an at least 7am departure, with 8pm departures home becoming more and more common (VERY difficult with a baby or toddler in tow). For our inaugural experience flying WestJet with a baby, we left for Cayo Coco at a very reasonable 10am and our return at 2:45pm worked extremely well with our little passengers.

The last time I flew WestJet, they had still only just entered the Eastern market and were flying out of Hamilton. It was a work trip that had me following the Barenaked Ladies for three dates in Western Canada on their cross-Canada tour. Sound glamorous? Consider it was mid-February, and the cold in Regina was so extreme my nostrils stuck together when I inhaled. It was a gruelling schedule with 12+ hour shoot days, and I was exhausted. The flight “home” to Hamilton from Edmonton took 11hrs as we had to stop in Regina, Winnipeg, and Thunder Bay. I remember landing feeling shattered and starving, as–at the time–WestJet was the first to offer only cookies and juice instead of real meals. The idea of flying them again anytime soon was quickly dismissed. Westjet with a baby? No, thanks.

But WestJet’s presence has grown, and they’ve managed to achieve the nearly impossible by being a profitable airline. Now I know why. Heading down to Cuba, even in the midst of ramped up security and delays at the airport, was a breeze.

Flying Westjet with a Baby…

WestJet Flight Attendant, flying westjet with a baby, westjet with a baby

Helpful Flight Attendants – Truly!

WestJet’s luggage allowance is (was) generous – two pieces per person for a combined weight of 50lbs. Our one suitcase was over and we somehow (somehow!) were able to switch stuff around to equalize the weight. The fee for an overweight bag is $50. We had no difficulty checking our 6 pieces – 3 suitcases, a playpen and two car seats. They even supplied the bags to put the kid stuff in. (Edit to add: This is no longer the case. Westjet baggage fees can be looked up HERE.)

westjet with a baby, westjet with kids, flying westjet with a baby

WestJet Promo Shot – Surprisingly Accurate!

They do a pre-board for families, and the seat pitch is decent. This is a big consideration for us as on our first (and last) experience with a charter jet, my husband was unable to sit properly (he’s 6’7″). WestJet has live satellite TV (for free) on the seat backs (channel 1 is Treehouse – the preschool channel) and accepts regular headphone jacks. The flight attendants were very friendly (no more groan-inducing jokes, thankfully), they introduced themselves and said to ask if I needed any help. They even provided a baggie for the diaper-bomb released mid-flight AND there was a change table in the rear washroom (hear that Southwest?) WestJet with a baby is a pretty comfortable experience.

There were complimentary drinks and snacks (cookies &  juice!), plus a number of food and snack options available for purchase.

It cost about 10% more to go with WestJet Vacations instead of some of the other tour operators, but for flight times and service, for us it was well worth the money. As with our experience with Porter Airlines, we’d go out of our way to use them again.

(Edited to add: Note that we’ve flown Westjet with a baby several times more since writing this article, and our opinion still stands. One thing of note is that they do not serve milk on board. I may or may not have been tempted to make up a bottle from coffee creamers on a particularly thirsty flight!)

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4 Responses to Flying WestJet with a Baby

  1. Mrs. Little at 22:12 #

    That is so good the hear! We are booked on Westjet for a flight to San Diego in February and one to Hawaii in the summer.

    I was concerned about traveling with a 3year old and an 8 month old but I am glad Westjet is so kid friendly!

    We will see how the new carry on restrictions affect our flight…

    • Corinne at 22:36 #

      My fingers are crossed for you that the carry-on restrictions are eased up by February!

  2. Kelly at 00:15 #

    That’s good to hear. Lately I’ve been preferring Air Canada for the in-flight entertainment (I like the HBO shows and the way you can choose the movies). However, on our last AC flight, we had to do a leg on United Airlines (which your hubby must love). Not a fan.

    We have some flights coming up and I can’t decide whether to stick with AC or go with WJ. And then there’s the frequent flyer miles dilemma. Mama wants the lounge, yo!

    • Corinne at 10:17 #

      I also prefer the AC seat-back entertainment (when it’s working!) and the fact that there’s often a plug is a definite bonus. However free entertainment is free entertainment, and the fact that I can say we’re 4 shows away from landing is helpful – not that I know the Treehouse schedule by heart or anything 😉

      Apparently WestJet is going to introduce their own frequent flyer program sometime this year.

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