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Varadero Beach, Cuba

My love of travel kind of got its start in Varadero…

When I was about 7 or 8, my mom took me to Cuba for a week’s holiday with her friend and her 2 kids close in age to me.  I don’t remember much, but I do remember strange, orange, hard plastic seats on the plane, a pretty spartan room with twin beds, intermittent power and water outages throughout the day, and incredibly friendly people that only spoke Spanish.  I also remember fantastic fun at the beach & pool, trying frog’s legs (they did taste like chicken!), and everyone enjoying a laid-back week in the sun.

Cuba’s come a long way in catering to visitors since the late-’70s (did I just give away my age?), and truly you won’t find a place that will embrace your children more.  These days, Cubana was one of the more civilized flights I’ve taken recently (the offer of a complimentary baby meal!), rooms come in varying degrees of size and luxury, the power and water’s been sorted out, and a large number of Cubans speak English or French (certainly those working in tourism do).  Best of all, you can still enjoy that laid back week in the sun.

With President Obama lifting restrictions for Cuban Americans to visit their families, I think the time will soon arrive that all our American friends will have the (legal) chance to experience what we Canadians (and Brits, and Europeans, and Aussies, and everyone else…) have been able to keep for ourselves for decades – the opportunity to visit Cuba.

We’ve been there twice with our daughter, and wouldn’t hesitate to go back again.  If you’re thinking about taking your family to Cuba, here are some articles that you may find useful.

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We’re hoping to go again as a family of 4 next winter, and my husband and I are planning a long weekend in Havana for an upcoming big birthday of mine – yes, it’s the new 30!


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